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Kangen Water Demo
Water Quality
Bonus #1
A Copy Of My Top Converting Affiliate Marketing Funnel
I'm Going To Load A Copy Of My Actual PAGES Into Your Clickfunnels Or We'll Provide One For You When You Start
David Vittini & David Sharpe Tampa,FL 2017
Bonus #2
Personal 1-on-1 
With Wadia + Chris + David
David Vittini, Wadia Dafesh, Chris Allen 
Orlando,FL 2021
Bonus #3
High-Ticket Phone Scripts
Finding the perfect words to get the commitment to start. These powerful phone scripts have helped myself and my team enroll high-ticket clients into our ENAGIC business without being slimy or salesy.
Bonus #5
Get David's Secret Lead Source & 60 Days Of Unlimited Leads For The Start Of Your Enagic Business. 

No More Bothering Friends & Family 😡 

Imagine Having All The Prospects You Need For Your Schedule & Having The Website Do The Selling For You.

Make Up To $2000 Per Sale
And On Team Indirect Sales !
Bonus #6
Kangen Machine
Yes, The Enagic Business Has Absolutely The Best Product I've Ever Found, And These Kangen Machines Last OVER 30 Years.

Most "Online Businesses" 
Sell You A Digital Course...

Here At ENAGIC Everyone Gets To Not Only Change Their Water 💦 & Health With A Japan 🇯🇵 Hand Made Machine, That Will Provide More Energy & Anti-Aging Benefits...

But Also A Global Business That Pays High-Ticket Commissions

So Yes Having An Amazing Product That Is Used Daily Is A BONUS
Bonus #7
Dave's CRM Auto-Dialer
A EASY Press Button System That Eliminates The Business Owner To Not Have To Pick Up The Phone And Start Dialing.

Sometimes Picking Up The Phone Is Half The Battle Because Of FEAR, This Bonus Gives You Access To A CRM That Is As Easy As Pressing "START" 

Get In Contact With Up To 4X More Prospects
Bonus #8
Chris Allen's 
Social Media Secrets
Not Everybody Is Ready To Use Our Traffic & Leads With Our Auto Press Button Dialer...

This Method Of Making High-Ticket Sales Might Be For You! Learn How To Master Instagram, FB and ZOOM With Chris Allen Every Week

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